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  • such a lovely person who is a complete package - by jasonj

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    I really like tall girls, and I came across her ad browsing Toronto escort agencies web sites. Awsome pictures. Made the call and they said she would be available within 2 hours or so.
    I usually check reviews before I call a girl, but somehow this time it went through the net, and I only checked her reviews 15-20 minutes before she arrived, and oh boy, I thought I had made a mistake!

    Knock on the door and a gorgeous tall woman with the looks of Angelina Jolie walks in. Offered her a drink, and she chose to have bottled water. A very classy girl. I could tell she is low volume girl, and I was her only appointment that night.We sat and chatted for a few minutes, until we feel comfortable with each other. I felt that chemistry was there, and before you know it we were kissing passionately, like lovers who have been apart.One thing leading to another, she gave me a great BBBJ, then she turned around and we had a 69 session and reverse 69 for what felt like a very long time. I could have exploded there, but I wanted to feel being inside her. Went on the cover. We did a few positions mish and lazy doggy, and this is when I couldn't take it anymore and lost it. It was a great experience. In my books, it defined GFE. It doesn't get any better than this.

    Then I told her about the not so good review. She knew about it, and she said the gentleman was unshaved and wanted to go DATY, which understandably hurts. I thought that to her credit, it should be mentioned here, as there is always 2 sides to a story, and the reviews miss the providers' side.

    I hope I will be back to Toronto again soon, so I can see her again.

  • nothing over the top - by johnnywoo

    Garden of Eden

    Showered quickly and then she stripped down. Her body is remarkable unless you dislike tattoos, those weren’t shown in the pictures. She seemed fairly shy. She seemed lacking in the sensuality aspect of things. She chatted on the bed without making any effort to set a sexy mood. When she finally asked if she could suck it the BBBJ was good but nothing special. DATY was amusing and encouraged. She hopped on for CG and it was quite the image seeing those titties bounce up and down. I assumed her orgasm was fake but not sure. A couple of other positions followed and I did fuck her in mish pretty hard which she liked.
    I was satisfied but not completely. I’ll try other sites out next time.

  • Great time! - by stevel

    VIP Oriental

    When she arrived she was ready to go! We talked for a bit and then the fun started!
    We started to DFK and caressing which was soon followed by tearing our clothes off. We then moved onto BBBJ which was unreal as she worked her mouth perfectly against my cock. We were now in mish, and man does she enjoy being pounded! She then moved on top and was riding me hard she fuckedme until she came! Soon after I popped. We toweled each other up, which was followed by her giving me a relaxing massage. However, that was not the end. The second round was just as good as the first.
    I had a fantastic time with her and she was so eager to please me. I am already waiting for our next session!


    Toronto Cover Girls

    So I will start by saying that this agency actually references Toronto Glamour Girls so it will save you some time if you just pick from them instead of one of these girls...just a heads up. So on the note I decided to go with Melanie from TGG.

    Melanie came in with a hug, a big smile and a delicious kiss. She is about 5'4, but with shoes she's a perfect height. We embraced a bit. We talked about her time in Toronto while we flirted a bit. LFK turned into DFK, caressing all over. Finally she undid my belt and went down on the edge of the bed for a well-timed BBBJ. She was really getting into it which turned me on completely. I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I pulled her up to feel her more and undress her. Her breasts are the perfect handful with great looking nipples that tense up nicely. As I kiss her all over, she started pushing me down.
    After we both finished, we relaxed for a bit and chatted some more. There was some kissing and touching and she cleaned me up. I would like to see her one more time before I leave. I had a great time.

  • AMAZING! i am still speechless... - by luke

    Maximum Pleasure

    She is nice and a cute blonde, about 5-7. She was tiny overall with a butt a little big for her frame but definitely doable. I sat her down, we hada drink and chatted a bit, and I let her tell me about her life. The conversation veered toward porn, and I subtly asked her about her PSE extras. “Anal?” she asked in a charming, girlish way. Yes, that was the one I was interested in. She told me she enjoyed it but it cost $40 extra which really wasn’t that bad.

    We heated up with some pretty passionate DFK, She was quite the horny girl. I undressed and she went straight for some BLS. Usually you have to ask a girl to do that, but not her. I straddled and fucked her face, complete with that face and tongue slapping with my dick as if we were straight from a porno. I could’ve came right there but I wanted to fuck her so bad. We started fucking with a little CG, and she was extremely bouncy and grinded well. Next she went on all fours, and fucked her pussy from behind for a bit. Her ass felt nice to bounce against. I finished in greek where we greased up and she asked me to go slow. As I was reaching the end she looked back and wanted me to cum in her ass. It was one of the powerful, most ball draining, anal explosions I have had in a really long time. I was done and that was quite the ass fuck! She told me that she loved how it felt to get fucked in the ass by me and she loved that I had cum so hard in her ass, and it turned her on that she turned me on so much. I was having a lousy day until she graced me with her presence and turned it around!

    I would definitely see her again! She is so nice and fun.

  • amazing time very gfe just WOW! - by robertp

    Garden of Eden

    Very good looking and a great fuck but a little too whiny for me. I barely dfk’d her and didn’t have the total gfe that I was expecting. fucked her good in mish, cg and finished during doggy didnt wait long till I started make her finsih before my second round, while busting my load she sucked my tongue which was super hot. I came second time in mish , she was too tired to get into cg and I could tell she was watching the clock which I kept her fucking until the last second.

  • Definitely worth a go! - by nickjones

    Toronto Cover Girls

    I was in Toronto and decided to call up Toronto Cover Girls. I orignally wanted Valerie but when I called they recommended I check out and pick a girl from there so I went with Natasha.

    She came to the hotel room and right away she gave me a hug and kiss. As I pulled her in to shut the door, I felt her perfect firm breasts against my body.We began making out right away and my clothes were off in a hurry, she rippers hers off too. I started sucking on her breasts, while she kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears. That made me want her even more it was almost unbearable. She got on her knees, and started giving my hard cock a BJ. She was on it like a kid on a lollipop. As she started sucking harder and deeper, she pulled out just in time as I shot my load all over her hair and face.

    Afterwards, we laid on the bed and she cleaned me with a warm towel. After some small chit-chat, she started playing with my cock again. I was immediately hard. She started licking slowly and asked if I wanted to fuck. Who am I to say no? YES PLEASE was my answer! She covered me up and began to ride my cock like a cowgirl. I grabbed her hips and started pulling her on my cock hard, each thrust getting harder and harder while sucking on her beautiful breasts. Usually my 2nd shot takes a little longer, so I knew I could fuck for long without danger of busting early. We switched positions, and fucked her mish while her legs were up on my shoulders. Switched her again K9 style, and grabbed her hips and thrusted my cock deep and hard into her. She was uncontrollably moaning really loud, and I was afraid that my neighbors would complain. After quite the fucking, I came again and fell on the bed.

    Even though I probably won’t repeat as I rarely do, I had a fantastic time with Natasha and definitely recommend her since she is quite good at what she does.

  • This agency has great girls! - by wright1981

    Sassy Angels

    I called and got an appointment 2 hours after! I was her first appointment of the day so she wasn't quite ready for me. She opened the door and I was delighted to see a beautiful young lady who welcomed me in with a friendly smile, a kiss on the lips and some casual chatting. Made me comfortable from the start like we were friends.
    She is smart, knowledgeable and the conversation was light and friendly which set the mood for a great time. Started with some lovely DFK. She seemed horny as she was already feeling her pussy. She then allowed me to play with her super nice tits. If you are in to beautiful natural breasts, not to big, hers are ideal and worth the visit alone. From there I worked my way down to DATY which she really liked. When she had enough it was my turn and she provided remarkable BBBJ. She then slipped on the dome and moved to CG. Having her ride me while I fondled those wonderful tits was almost too much to handle. I didn't want to finish in that position so asked her to move to mish. Mish was great with constant DFK. The let go was amazing. We spent the rest of the hour with a little fondling and some fascinating conversation until it was time for me to shower and head back.
    Will repeat for she was amazing and delightful.

  • She is an awesome SP! - by smith_bob

    T Dot Girls

    She was dressed very sexily/classy. We sat on the couch and talked like we were friends reuniting. After some time, we began to LK which led to some DFK.
    I then took off her blouse and bra – amazing tits! I was so turned on. Off went our clothes and to the bed we went, she was soaking wet! I’m all of a sudden on my back and her mouth took me whole and she gave me an incredible BJ. As I almost couldn’t hold it in she hopped on me and rode me like nobody has before. I had to SOG. Another round followed shortly after.

    Time was up and she went on her way. Great experience with her!

  • all you could want and more! - by marco


    Setting up the appointment was easy. Katie is a blonde with luscious lips who knew how to hold a conversation and seemed very intelligent.

    we chatted a bit and then she asked if I wanted to hop in the shower with her. I just took one so I declined. So she took a quick shower and came wearing nothing but a towel. We talked a while more and then we moved to the bed. While kneeling, she gave me a hug and began kissing her way down to my dick. Some great teasing and then she put me in her mouth. After a few minutes, I asked her to lay down and I went DATY. She enjoyed it but im not sure if she came or not. She then said it was my turn and she gave me a awesome BBBJ. I asked for the cover and she slid it on. She then put me inside her while she moved up and down me in CG. She was very tight and it felt perfect. I then got on top and she seemed to O again. We tried doing doggy but she was a little tall for me and I couldn’t get it inside her. So I layed down and she brought me to a bust with a fantastic job of BBBJ. She had the right blend of hand, spit, and sucking and I CIM. She swallowed every bit of it. After I was done she sensually kissed my crotch region.

    She dressed she got the call and left. Great time with good convos an amazing BBBJTCWS and a sweet fuck.

  • Great experience. - by steve


    Sara was super fun. Great bbbj. Very friendly. Good location...clean.

  • Sexy, Hot ass, and great ride! - by jorgesilva


    I waited a little bit for her but from the look of her she was worth me waiting! Great body, sweet ass, pretty face. She seemed to be a little shy. We had a glass of wine and I got to know her a bit, and finally, she admitted she didn't like to be the initiator, and I reminded her politely of course that that was why she was there!
    She undressed and told me her rules. She doesn't kiss, which works for me. She gave me a HJ, covered me up, then went with CBJ which was good. YMMV. After awhile, she asked if she should continue or if I'd like to something else. I asked her to get on top and ride me, which she happily did. Once she was on, the feel of her petite body, round ass, and her actions while riding me I couldn’t last long. I definitely could’ve gone for another round but I had to meet someone pretty soon after.
    I was definitely happy with the girl I got for the price I paid. If im in town again and want to do this I’ll see her again.

  • SOOO happy I ended up with her! - by reid

    Sassy Angels

    When she opened the door I was pleased with my selection. She was petite about 5’5 with a pretty firm ass and a great smile. She was wearing fishnet stockings with a fishnet bra and panties top. I like girls naked, but I had to admit her dress like this turned me on.
    We started and she took her top off showing great boobs. Very pretty. And that ass. Wow. Firm, pretty much perfect, and she enjoyed having it smacked. I asked if I could get a closer look. Like that, she was on her back with her legs spread wide and her ankles parallel with her ears. Delicious. I couldn’t wait any longer, covered up and started pounding away while she held her ankles. I tried to hold back but after a couple of minutes, I could tell I was going to cum. I pulled out, tugged off the cover and quickly positioned my dick over her face. She opened her mouth wide and let me CIM. I exploded . She started to choke a bit, much to my surprise. I asked her if she was okay. She said, quite remorsefully, that that was a lot in her mouth I hadn’t noticed, but was quite pleased to hear that. Kind of rewarding to know at my age I can make a 20 year old get like that. The rest of the hour was quite enjoyable. I knew there was no chance for round two – because of my age not because of her – she’d do round two and three if you wanted - so just sat back, sipped the wine and listened to her chatter on about life.
    I am usually more into quiet girls but figured this was part of her bubbly personality. I was also still thinking of those choking noises.

  • wouldve gotten a perfect rating if it werent for the inconvenience - by paul


    I was on business in Toronto and had an ache for some Asian lovin. That being said I went on came across Lovely Eri called the number and none of these girls on 2hots page work for them anymore! Luckily they recommended Proche to me who made up for the agencys shortcoming. I went to the incall location and after getting the room number I walked to the room door and knocked.
    She certainly was sexy when answering the door and had a nice smile on! She gave me a kiss and we took care of business then we TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS!!! She dropped down on her knees and touched my crouch saying she needed to suck my cock! I said go to it and boy did she ever! She can certainly suck cock! After ten minutes I was going to burst I told her she said go ahead as long as long as I can go again! I said no problem! So I COB hard! We cleaned up and then layed on the bed and started DFKing and then she went down on me again! I told her I need to do some dining at the Y so we moved to 69 man I could have spent the rest of the hour down there! After about 10 mins. or so she exploded and I mean gave me a facial! Sweet! time was running down and she said she needed to ride on some cock so on went therubber and she rode me CG then flipped over to mish then k-9 then back to CG where I erupted!
    She was so much fun and a nice girl too! When im in Toronto next I’ll be booking her again!

  • THESE GIRLS DON'T WORK HERE!! - by derek88


    Same thing happened to me as it did Paul. Thats really annoying. Like seriously update your girls that way things can go smoothly. I dont ever write reviews but I figure some people should know that before they have the perfect girl that they chose from most likely she isnt working at this agency.