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  • This agency has great girls! - by wright1981

    Sassy Angels

    I called and got an appointment 2 hours after! I was her first appointment of the day so she wasn't quite ready for me. She opened the door and I was delighted to see a beautiful young lady who welcomed me in with a friendly smile, a kiss on the lips and some casual chatting. Made me comfortable from the start like we were friends.
    She is smart, knowledgeable and the conversation was light and friendly which set the mood for a great time. Started with some lovely DFK. She seemed horny as she was already feeling her pussy. She then allowed me to play with her super nice tits. If you are in to beautiful natural breasts, not to big, hers are ideal and worth the visit alone. From there I worked my way down to DATY which she really liked. When she had enough it was my turn and she provided remarkable BBBJ. She then slipped on the dome and moved to CG. Having her ride me while I fondled those wonderful tits was almost too much to handle. I didn't want to finish in that position so asked her to move to mish. Mish was great with constant DFK. The let go was amazing. We spent the rest of the hour with a little fondling and some fascinating conversation until it was time for me to shower and head back.
    Will repeat for she was amazing and delightful.

  • Great experience. - by steve


    Sara was super fun. Great bbbj. Very friendly. Good location...clean.

  • amazing time very gfe just WOW! - by robertp

    Garden of Eden

    Very good looking and a great fuck but a little too whiny for me. I barely dfk’d her and didn’t have the total gfe that I was expecting. fucked her good in mish, cg and finished during doggy didnt wait long till I started make her finsih before my second round, while busting my load she sucked my tongue which was super hot. I came second time in mish , she was too tired to get into cg and I could tell she was watching the clock which I kept her fucking until the last second.

  • provides greek and a fantastic time! - by tims

    Garden of Eden

    I booked her for an outcall upon my arrival in Toronto. She offers a PSE and Greek but for extra money. (YMMV).

    Arriving on time she is a beautiful 5'-8 Greek-Canadian, with a curvy hot body. She has stunning 38D tits, with a nice full ass. She greeted with a DFK as she entered my room. We hugged and kissed then moved to the bed. She started teasing me by slowly removing pieces of her clothing, and caressing me, we’re talking slow strip tease here! We laid next to each other, and I started grabbing and kissing her amazing tits and cheeks. She slowly moved her way to my shaft. She started a nice, deep, wet BBBJ. I couldn't handle anymore so I asked her to wrap me up, so I could be inside her. I laid her on her back, and I penetrated here real hard and deep - she was loving getting fucked! I then went to fuck her hard in d-style. I asked if we could do GREEK and she said we could try it. I told her to lie on her tummy, and I lubed her butt, and with my fingers and a small toy started relaxing her butt. As I was doing this, she started DIY, and she was super horny. Her whole body was aching with pleasure. I lubed my cock and slowly started pushing it inside her butt. Do to my thickness she couldn’t handle it all. Like I said, YMMV. We tried one or two more positions. I really enjoyed being inside her and gently spanking her.
    She made my what could have been boring nice very pleasant. Next time im in Toronto I’ll book her. If you like greek and love curves shes for you.

  • Didn't click with this one. - by stevel

    Select Escorts

    She was a little snobby probably cuz she knew how gorgeous she is. It took us some time to get to an personal stage. She noticed, that I was a little nervous or not clicking with her, so she told me to get undressed, she did the same, and then she gave me a massage. She is not as appealing naked as with clothes on. Her tits are a little saggy and her stomach not as toned. Thus a score of less than 10, though if she were there with her clothes on it would be a 10. If felt it was taking too much time from the clock so we turned around and did some touching. Then I went into 69, which was sort of exciting given that she was at least as tall as me. She did not want to kiss with the tongue at all, and generally it felt like this was going to be a non-intimate session. So I decided I may as well get my money's worth and suggested we put on the glove on and fuck. I started in mish, and it was amazing just looking at her face while doing it. But she isnt so tight, not shocking given how tall she is. So we did mish with her legs closed. Then went to doggie, and then back to mish. I probably penetrated in her for a total of four or five minutes before I SOG.
    We weren’t very in sync and not a great combo.

  • Definitely worth a go! - by nickjones

    Toronto Cover Girls

    I was in Toronto and decided to call up Toronto Cover Girls. I orignally wanted Valerie but when I called they recommended I check out and pick a girl from there so I went with Natasha.

    She came to the hotel room and right away she gave me a hug and kiss. As I pulled her in to shut the door, I felt her perfect firm breasts against my body.We began making out right away and my clothes were off in a hurry, she rippers hers off too. I started sucking on her breasts, while she kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears. That made me want her even more it was almost unbearable. She got on her knees, and started giving my hard cock a BJ. She was on it like a kid on a lollipop. As she started sucking harder and deeper, she pulled out just in time as I shot my load all over her hair and face.

    Afterwards, we laid on the bed and she cleaned me with a warm towel. After some small chit-chat, she started playing with my cock again. I was immediately hard. She started licking slowly and asked if I wanted to fuck. Who am I to say no? YES PLEASE was my answer! She covered me up and began to ride my cock like a cowgirl. I grabbed her hips and started pulling her on my cock hard, each thrust getting harder and harder while sucking on her beautiful breasts. Usually my 2nd shot takes a little longer, so I knew I could fuck for long without danger of busting early. We switched positions, and fucked her mish while her legs were up on my shoulders. Switched her again K9 style, and grabbed her hips and thrusted my cock deep and hard into her. She was uncontrollably moaning really loud, and I was afraid that my neighbors would complain. After quite the fucking, I came again and fell on the bed.

    Even though I probably won’t repeat as I rarely do, I had a fantastic time with Natasha and definitely recommend her since she is quite good at what she does.

  • lovely SP but POF in the sea! - by Allan

    Select Escorts

    I offered her a massage to heat things up she has a super sexy body and while I massaged her she was playing with my cocck with her feet. turned her over and DATY for about 10 mins shaved sweet and clean. said it was my turn so i stand up and she starts with BBBJ and finished me off after warning CIM. Great BJ. we talk for a while and she starts BBBJ again and i almost came again but first I had to give it to her in her sexy ass. now i have to say that it took some time for me to get in as she is very tight but it was worth working at it. Finally I got it all in and pounded her as she moaned and placed her head over the side of the bed telling me “fuck me harder”. Didn’t take long for the second cup to come since at the end I was really fucking her hard.

    Nice time probably wont see her again but great company. Treat her well! And she really loves greek!

  • nothing over the top - by johnnywoo

    Garden of Eden

    Showered quickly and then she stripped down. Her body is remarkable unless you dislike tattoos, those weren’t shown in the pictures. She seemed fairly shy. She seemed lacking in the sensuality aspect of things. She chatted on the bed without making any effort to set a sexy mood. When she finally asked if she could suck it the BBBJ was good but nothing special. DATY was amusing and encouraged. She hopped on for CG and it was quite the image seeing those titties bounce up and down. I assumed her orgasm was fake but not sure. A couple of other positions followed and I did fuck her in mish pretty hard which she liked.
    I was satisfied but not completely. I’ll try other sites out next time.

  • great lay - by Fredd


    She is quite a cutie. When you get her in the mood hold on tight for she is a wild ride and hard to keep up with!
    Lots of kissing and lots of fucking. she is a dynamo started with a great BBBJ but i had to take her doggie for the first bust of the night. she started round two with another BBBJ and then on top for about 10 minutes into CG she was really sexy to watch riding my cock up and down. we switched to dogie and then back to BBBJ to complete the next load.
    I might repeat she did provide great service and is talented just didn’t feel the connection.

  • wouldve gotten a perfect rating if it werent for the inconvenience - by paul


    I was on business in Toronto and had an ache for some Asian lovin. That being said I went on came across Lovely Eri called the number and none of these girls on 2hots page work for them anymore! Luckily they recommended Proche to me who made up for the agencys shortcoming. I went to the incall location and after getting the room number I walked to the room door and knocked.
    She certainly was sexy when answering the door and had a nice smile on! She gave me a kiss and we took care of business then we TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS!!! She dropped down on her knees and touched my crouch saying she needed to suck my cock! I said go to it and boy did she ever! She can certainly suck cock! After ten minutes I was going to burst I told her she said go ahead as long as long as I can go again! I said no problem! So I COB hard! We cleaned up and then layed on the bed and started DFKing and then she went down on me again! I told her I need to do some dining at the Y so we moved to 69 man I could have spent the rest of the hour down there! After about 10 mins. or so she exploded and I mean gave me a facial! Sweet! time was running down and she said she needed to ride on some cock so on went therubber and she rode me CG then flipped over to mish then k-9 then back to CG where I erupted!
    She was so much fun and a nice girl too! When im in Toronto next I’ll be booking her again!

  • love this girl! - by doug


    When I saw Allison she was a real cuty. We talked for some time, I gave her her gift and she made the call. We stripped down and layed on the bed as we started to touch eachother I was getting horny, she asked if I wanted a BJ I replied with absolutely and she went down and spent a few minutes sucking me until I couldn't wait hold off any longer and had to be in her. We went crazy in missionary until I unleashed my first cup. We chatted for a while then she went in for another BJ until I was ready then I went for doggie and that ended with another load.
    She was hands down a great time and I would 100% see her again!

  • HOT and repeat worthy! - by burke_d

    Garden of Eden

    She is the image you see in her pics. Tall, skinny, and a very sexy body.
    Welcomed with a LK and hug, she is wearing a white dress that compliments her tanned skin. Do the transaction thing and then start with LFK which quickly progresses to DFK and fondling. She has a pretty face with a very ready smile and keeps her eyes focused on you during the session. She removed her dress revealing a nice push up bra and white thong. Fully naked with more DFK and fondling including digits. Tits are sensitive at first but more play is received later in the session including very nice erected nipples. BBBJ is hot and then on with the rubber for MISH, CG and really nice DOGGIE. Finish with BBBJTC where she went to spit.

    I have already seen her more than once and plan on seeing her again. Sexy body and look in general.

  • loves to kiss and suck! - by tyler


    She isn’t like most Asian as she is rather tall with a sweet sweet butt. She is also tanned and is very into the session and service oriented she is a great addition to the roster to the agency.
    She certainly knows how to kiss which goes a long way and her wanting to please really is noticeable from her moving her tongue down your throat. She's a bit more tanned and tall than I usually like, but she's such a good girl that it would be impossible to not not have a good time.

    I showered and that led to her hand on my member and mine on her butt. With DFK and foreplay, I was nice and hard for her small mouth that gave a fantastic BBBJ. In fact it was so good that I had to cum right then and there. Luckily she didn't flinch and let me CIM all before going to dispose of my gift. She came back and we went through some making out before her mouth went back to a BBBJ and brought me to the point where it was time for me to go inside her. I went right for doggy with her perky asian butt looked at me while I fucked the shit out of her. But as good as that was, I wanted to see how bendy this thin asian was as I fucked her mish her legs went way back giving me full access to deep penetration. Quite flexible. I came then and we chatted for our remainder or time.

    An excellent Asian SP. Her kindness is impeccable.


    Maximum Pleasure

    Getting an appt with her was easy I got a knock and the door. I was tired but she certainly got me awake!
    Her body is fiiinneee. And even thought her performace was a little fake and fast it was still amazing. She got on her knees and opened her mouth wide, BLS while she DTed me, oh yeah! i gave her a little DATY but then wanted to get busy . So we started with doggie, and then put finger in her ass I read that she allowed Greek, so in i went, she was pretty tight and squeezed me while I penetrated her. Her moans were pretty fake but regardless I SOG right there. 10 minutes after I talked her into giving me a BBBJ and I CIM which she spat out.

    Great time test her out!


    Toronto Cover Girls

    So I will start by saying that this agency actually references Toronto Glamour Girls so it will save you some time if you just pick from them instead of one of these girls...just a heads up. So on the note I decided to go with Melanie from TGG.

    Melanie came in with a hug, a big smile and a delicious kiss. She is about 5'4, but with shoes she's a perfect height. We embraced a bit. We talked about her time in Toronto while we flirted a bit. LFK turned into DFK, caressing all over. Finally she undid my belt and went down on the edge of the bed for a well-timed BBBJ. She was really getting into it which turned me on completely. I didn’t want to cum just yet, so I pulled her up to feel her more and undress her. Her breasts are the perfect handful with great looking nipples that tense up nicely. As I kiss her all over, she started pushing me down.
    After we both finished, we relaxed for a bit and chatted some more. There was some kissing and touching and she cleaned me up. I would like to see her one more time before I leave. I had a great time.